2018 Presenters Included:
Stihl Power Equipment
I-Car 18 Training
TECHS (Technical Education Curricula For Health and Safety)
Wednesday, August 1st 2018 1pm-5pm
Alan Mcavoy-Chrysler-Corporation- Direct Injection New Model Training
Darcy Wedel-Electude- Teaching Diagnostics
Al Santini-Consulab-Teaching the Theory and Diagnosis of CANBus Systems at the DLC
Skip Saurman-Megatech-MLR Electrical Training and More
Mark Jurkovski-Subaru- 2019 Subaru Ascent New Technology
Stihl Power Equipment-Session 1
Dean Magnuson- Allstate Peterbilt
Rick Zirbes
Thursday, August 2nd 2018 8am-12pm
James Wilson-Bosch- Bosch Oxygen Sensor Diagnostics Seminar
Shawn Deans-Ford Motor Company
Mark Jurkovski-Subaru- Vehicle Networking and Communications
Randy Haubner-CDX Online Education
Tom Kenyon-Gates Corporation
John Gislason-Navistar
David Robinetter
David Otto- Teaching Welding 101
Thursday, August 2nd 2018 1pm-5pm
Alan McAvoy- Chrysler Corporation-Direct Injection New Model Training
Shawn Deans- Ford Motor Company
Al Santini-Consulab-Teaching Computer Input Sensors Through the Use of Cause and Effeect Relationships
Mark Jurkovski-Subaru- Vehicle Networking and Communications
Randy Haubner-CDX- CDX Online Education
Stihl Power Equipment-Session 2
Rick Zirbes
Friday, August 3rd 2018 8am-12pm
Catherine Treanor- Electude-Recruiting and Retaining Women In Automotive Technology
Subaru-New Model Training- 2019 Subaru Ascent New Technology
Lubetech- Todd Matvick- Lubrication Technologies
Kyle Holt- SP2- Mentoring, Resumes, and Careers... Helping Students Enter and STAY in Industry
Tom Kenyon-Gates
Bill Eddy-Freightliner-DT12 Transmission
David Robinette
Luke Becker- Super Mileage
Friday, August 3rd 2018 1pm-5pm
James Wilson- Bosch-Essential Skills for Sensor and Actuator Diagnosis
Skip Saurman- Megatech-How to Have a Successful Program and Be Competitive in SkillsUSA
Kyle Holt-SP2- Mentoring, Resumes, and Careers...Helping Students Enter and STAY in Industry
Subaru New Model Training- 2019 Subaru Ascent New Technology
Lubetech-Todd Matvick-Lubes 101
Anca Bejan- TECHS
John Witthauer- Teaching MLR In A High School Setting
Descriptions of Seminars
Consulab- Al Santini
 Teaching the Theory and Diagnosis of CANBus Systems at the DLC- This seminar will present an introduction to teaching CAN at the DLC.  We will look at a simplified approach to the theory of CAN, plus a diagnostic approach that can be easily taught.  We will use a multi-meter and a 2 channel DSO.  This presentation was given at Vision to technicians and received very positive responses.  A comphrensiive handout will be provided in this Consulab sponsored seminar.
Teaching Computer Input Sensors Through the Use of Cause and Effect Relationships- This seminar will examine a method of teaching input sensors using a DMM, a 2 channel DSO and a scanner.  It will follow the development of a method of teaching complicated sensor input theory and diagnosis in a cause and effect relationship.  A comprehensive handout will be provided in this Consulab sponsored seminar.
Subaru- Mark Jurkovski
2019 Subaru Ascent New Model Training- This session will highlight the new 2019 Subaru Ascent .  The new 2.4 liter boxer DI turbo, Towing capacity, technical accommodations, CVT transmission, driveline, Drivers assistance features, interior electronics and infotainment systems will be covered.
Vehicle Communications Course-  This course is a Subaru Course that will cover Resistive Multiplex, LIN, UART, CAN C, CAN B, Diagnostic CAN, DLC, and Diagnostic Strategies.
Electude- Catherine Treanor, Darcy Wedel
Teaching Diagnostics- It's hard to imagine a car without a brake pedal or steering wheel, but that's exactly where we're headed in just a few short years.  So what skills will tomorrow's technician need to possess?  Surely a complete knowledge of electricity, electronics and computer networks is a must.  Together with the ability to assimilate new information and put it to work quickly, having already developed critical thinking and problem solving skills early on in their training.  In this session we will discuss strategies for teaching diagnostics, to help better prepare students for the uncertain challenges of tomorrow.
Recruiting and Retaining Women in Automotive Technology- To you that may be a voltage reading on an injector.  The harsh reality is that 7.3 is the percentage of female technicians in the US.  In my presentation I am going to discuss why this number is so low and provide methods to help automotive teachers increase the number of girls in motor vehicle courses.  I will talk about my experiences as a female technician within the industry and then open the floor to give you the opportunity to share techniques and experiences to fellow teachers.  Female perspective in the Automotive industry, giving real life techniques and experiences.  Opportunity to discuss the topic in open floor technology.
James Wilson- Bosch

Bosch Oxygen Sensor Diagnostics Seminar- This seminar will enable attendees to properly identify, diagnose, and test most Oxygen sensors on vehicles today.  Topics covered are:  Oxygen Sensor Design and Theory, Oxygen Sensor Construction, Air Fuel Ratio and Wide Band Sensor Overview, Sensor Diagnostics with Scan Tool and Labscope and Case Studies to Demonstrate Diagnostic Strategies.

Essential Skills for Sensor and Actuator Diagnosis- The check engine light is on and your following a diagnostic flow chart with a series of yes or no options and at some point in the process, it recommends replacing a part or repairing a circuit.  Are you 100% confident the flow chart has pointed you in the right direction?  How many of you have followed the diagnostic process only to find the known good part or repair did not fix the problem?  This seminar will provide a solid diagnostic validation process, with a specific focus on common sensors and actuators, which will ensure you diagnose the vehicle right the first time.  Topics covered will be:  Electrical Circuit Analysis for Common Sensors and Actuators, Learn How to Create a Baseline for Circuit Diagnosis and Validation, Develop a Diagnostic Plan After Researching the Issue, and Learn How to Get The Most Out of Your Diagnostic Tools. 

Lubetech-Todd Matvick

Lubrication Fundamentals- Lubes 101-This course will provide a broad exposure to the fundamentals of Tribology.  The course will cover the concepts of base oil, viscosity, lubrication schemes, general additive types and functions.  The next part of this course will cover formulation and lubricant and requirements relative to four stroke and 2 stroke engines.  The focus will be heavy duty diesel, passenger car, power sports (2 and 4 stroke), and lawn/garden lubricant requirements.  There will also be a historical aspect built into the presentation that will examine changing crank case lubricant requirements over time.  The next phase will cover drive train lubricant technology and requirements relative to transfer case, automatic, manual transmissions in on road applications.  The lubricant requirements in this field have been changing rapidly in recent years.  This course will cover the divergence in automatic transmission lubricant requirements from an OEM hardware perspective. The last segment will cover the basic chemistry of traditional coolants and new coolant technology relative to both heavy duty and pasenger car applications.  A special focus will be on wet sleeve anti-cavitation requirements. 


Megatech- Skip Saurman

MLR Electrical Training and More- This hands-on class will discuss and demonstrate different methods to cover the NATEF MLR Electrical/Electronic Systems Tasks leading up to the AST and MAST levels.  How well you engage your students in electrical/electronic concepts will benefit them throughout their professional automotive career.  This class is ideally limited to 15 participants.

How To Have a Successful Automotive Program And Be Competitive In SkillsUSA and Other Competitions- Let's discuss the issues and concerns you have in your automotive programs.  Although I don't have all the answers, maybe I can help with program startup, accreditation, funding, advisory committees, student organizations (Skills USA), and anything else that can help you to be successful.  Skip Saurman has a background as an automotive student, technician, service manager, high school and postsecondary automotive instructor, state administrator and business owner.  Yeah, he's been around!


CDX Automotive- Randy Haubner

Meeting The New NATEF Standards With New CDX-  CDX automotive online educations presentation covers:  The benefits of online learning, the latest trends in e-learning, Integrated online course management, Task sheet management and Online testing and grading.

Kyle Holt- SP2

Mentoring, Resumes, and Careers..... Helping Students Enter and STAY in Industry- The technician shortage is the #1 challenge the automotive industry faces today.  New efforts are being made to increase the number of automotive CTE students, and to improve the transition into industry.  We'll talk about what industry is looking for in the next generation of technicians, and ways industry and education are teaming up to make that happen.  We'll discuss how SP2 and ASE are working together to create a Workplace Mentoring system together.  We will talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly resumes students create, how instructors can help improve them, and how we can work together to open student's eyes to the wide array of automotive career opportunities.  And of course, we'll talk about how schools and businesses can work together to give every new technician a safe and successful work environment.  Kyle Holt is the President of SP2.  Sp2 serves businesses and career tech schools in the automotive service, collision repair, heavy-duty/diesel, welding, construction, cosmetology, and culinary industries.


Shawn Deans- Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company-Shawn Deans- This will be a 4-hour long session held on Thursday between 8-12pm on on Thursday between 1-5pm.  The material covered will be the same in both sessions.  There will be 2 hours of New Model Training on the 2018 EcoSport.  This will be high-level overview of all-new sub compact SUV with a summary of the vehicles new features along with with a vehicle walk around.  After that will be a 2-hour session on the Lincoln Motor Company.  We will be talking about the Continental, Navigator, Nautilus, Aviator, MKC, MKZ and MKT.  Presented by Shawn Deans, a Field Service Engineer based out of the Twin Cities.


Alan McAvoy- Chrysler Corporation

2018 Chrysler New Model Highlights-2.0 Liter Gas Direct Engine-  This is Chryslers first direct injection gas engine currently being used in the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee.


Collision Repair Sessions

Rick Zirbes- Rick Zirbes began his 45 year automotive career while in high school working in the body shop for a local Oldsmobile dealer.  After high school, Rick and his father, Dick Zirbes established Dick and Rick's auto interiors.  As vehicle manufactures began installing more electronics and safety systems such as airbags and seat sensors, Rick recognized the need to assure that customers were driving away in safe vehicles.  He became an early adopter and expert utilizing scan tools and quickly realized that safety takes no short cuts and became a lifelong advocate for factory tools.  As Rick carved his niche as a safety expert, he continued his technical training at GM, Chrysler, ASE and I-Car while forming close relationships with engineers at Ford, GM, Bosch, and others.  Training, education and hands-on experience led to an understanding that safety and quality repair demands a holistic approach and a deep knowledge of how safety equipment operates for the well-being of passengers.  Rick is presently the cop-founder of Smart Express, Inc a leader in repairing crash avoidance technologies.  Smart Express Safety experts restore vehicles to OEM standards using OEM specific calibrations of  safety equipment.  Rick enjoys sharing his safety first message as a frequent speaker at local and national association events and trade magazine contributor.  He has been an active I-Car instructor since 2004 and serves on various I-Car Committees.

David Robinette- I-Car Business Development Manager-Northwest- David completed collision repair training at Weber State College in 1982 at which time he began his automotive collision career.  He worked for C&H Carstar as a combination technician, then later became part owner in the business.  Dave worked in the collision industry until 2001.  He went to work for Farmers Insurance as an automotive claims supervisor for 2 years, then took an opportunity to manage field claims adjusters American Family Insurance for 11 years.  In 1987, David started teaching I-Car collision courses to the local collision shops and insurance claims personnel.  He continued to teach I-Car courses regularly throughout his careers in both industries.  He, and other I-Car instructors like him have contributed to bettering the relationships between thee insurance claims and collision repair professionals.  David joined I-Car full time in 2014 as the National Field Support Manager.  He had the responsibility to train and improve I-Car instructor performance across the country.  In 2018, he joined the field team as Business Development Manager in the Northwest region.  In this role, David promotes better communications within all related segments of the automotive inter-industry.

Anca Bejan-Techs-  Technical Education Curricula for Health and Safety (TECHS) is research study conducted by Health Partners Institute in collaboration with auto body collision technology instructors at Hennepin Tech (HTC), St Cloud Tech (SCTCC), and Ridgewater College (RC).  Learn about the health and safety teaching materials created and tested for the past 3 years, now available for free to all instructors.  Preview safety modules on hearing protection, eye safety, fire safety, and electrical safety, and many other hazards in your trade.  Find out about your colleagues experience in the Q&A session, attended by instructors with experience in teaching the TECHS curriculum.  The session concludes with a primer on OSHA standard-setting procedure, inspection priorities, finding inspection information and trade-specific injury data, and business owner and workers rights.  Learn about the free resources available from OSHA and how OSHA can help you improve safety in your shop. 


Power Equipment/Power Sports Sessions

STIHL Power Equipment- Steve Hagen- Steve Hagen is the Technical Sales Specialist for Midwest STIHL.  Steve's main goal is to provide extra support to STIHL dealers in the field, as well as provide training in both safety and service.  Steve has 40 years of experience with STIHL products, along with other power equipment.  Steve is a gold level STIHL certified service technician and one of Midwest STIHL's master wrench trainers for the bronze and silver level dealer training.  Also holds several other OPE industry certifications. 

Session 1 Agenda- Basic small engine theory, Ignition theory, Carburetor theory, Engine design old and new, Lithium Ion technology, STIHL's Vo-Tech training website.

Session 2 Agenda- Tools for hand-held equipment, Engine troubleshooting/evaluations, Carburetors- types and components, New Technology troubleshooting, Engine failure analyzes, Fuels/Oils for small engines, Stihl's Vo-Tech training website.