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"To provide professional development for teachers through the enhancement of technical skills and knowledge to better improve student achievement." 


  1. Professional development shall be provided and available in a nondiscriminatory manner.
  2. Treat colleagues and associates with respect and work cooperatively to promote teacher and student learning.
  3. The organization will adhere to the same set of principles that define professional educator conduct and ethics.




The Midwest Teachers of Transportation & Industrial Areas (MTTIA) was a professional local chapter under the Minnesota Vocational Association (MVA). The MVA was a state chapter under the American Vocational Association (AVA). Over time the associated parent organizations have evolved and become other organizations. Teachers in the MTTIA chapter reorganized, recognizing the value of a professional organization of teachers in the transportation areas. They continue to sponsor and facilitate continuing education for college and high school teachers without affiliation with any other organization. It is because of a collective effort and commitment to quality education that the organization continues to arrange and provide quality education and activities of professional development for all educators in colleges and high schools.