Welcome To MTTIA!  This Years Presenters Include;

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Automotive Presenters in Green

Diesel Presenters  In Orange

Collision Presenters in Blue


Registration Starts At 10am In The Cafeteria Near The Front Door At Central Lakes College


*Please Join Us For Lunch From 12-1 With Catherine Treanor As Our Keynote Welcome Speaker*

Topic is: Strength in Diversity


Tuesday, August 6th 1pm-5pm

Consulab-Hands On CAN BUS Systems-Al Santini

Chrysler Corporation-1234yf ac/New Model Highlights- Alan McAvoy

Ford Motor Company-Shawn Deans

Cengage-Classroom Management-Michelle Taylor

Rick Zirbes- Collision

Conslab-Jeff Curtis

Wednesday, August 7th 8am-12pm

Toyota Motor Company- Richard Van Slyke

Chrysler Corporation-1234yf ac/New Model Highlights-Alan McAvoy

Electude- Darcy Wedel

Ford Motor Company-Shawn Deans

Rick Zirbes-Collision

Zigler Caterpiller-Autonomous Off Site Diagnostics (Field Trip)

Wednesday, August 7th 1pm-5pm

Toyota Motor Company-Richard Van Slyke

Subaru North America-Mark Jurkovski, Ryan Krause

CDX- Kirk Van Gelder

Consulab-Hands On CAN BUS Systems- Al Santini

David Robinette-  I-CAR Training

Zigler Caterpiller-Autonomous Skid Loader

Thursday, August 8th, 8am-12pm

Honda North America-Brian Moore

Subaru North America-Mark Jurkovski, Ryan Krause

CDX- Kirk Van Gelder

Toyota North America

David Robinette-  I-CAR Training

Consulab-Jeff Curtis

Thursday, August 8th, 1pm-5pm

Consulab-Hands On CAN BUS Systems- Al Santini

Honda North America- Brian Moore

Electude-Catherine Treanor

Subaru North America-Mark Jurkovski, Ryan Krause



Session Descriptions

Automotive Sessions

Consulab- Hands on CAN BUS Systems by Al Santini- Using the latest CAN BUS trainers, students will perform Hands On Training learning about CAN BUS systems and diagnostics.  This session has been done at Vision and many other conferences and has gotten rave reviews.

Chrysler Corporation- 1234yf Ac Systems/New Model Highlights by Al McAvoy-

R1234yf Air Conditioning - FCA was the first OEM to implement widespread use of R-1234yf A/C systems, and for 2020 virtually all of their Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat and Alfa Romeo vehicles use "yf" refrigerant. This session will discuss new technology, chillers on the PHEV Pacifica and Challenger, and other system changes including proper diagnosis and service of these vehicles, R-1234yf compressor applications along with recommended oil fill and type. 

 1.3L  / 2.0L Gas Direct Injection Engines -  Jeep's 1st GDI Turbo engines were launched in 2018. Jeep Wrangler is available with the 2.0L and Renegade has the 1.3L.

 48 Volts Belt Start Generator Systems - All 2.0L Jeep Wranglers and 2019 - 2020 Ram Truck 1500 (DT) with either the 3.6L or 5.7L have a 48 Volt System with a Belt Start Generator.


Ford Motor Company by Shawn Deans-

This unit will have new Model Training on new models from Ford Motor Company.  There will also be coverage of Fords newest scan tools and diagnostic aids.

Subaru North America-Mark Jurkovski, Ryan Krause-

New Model Training sessions that specifically focus on the select technology from the new 2019 Forester. This includes:

  • Auto Start Stop
  • Engine Thermal Management System (Thermo Control Valve)
  • And Possibly Driver Monitoring System (if there is time)



Cengage- Boosting Your Students Career Readiness With Mindtap by Michelle Taylor-Join Cengage’s Michelle Taylor and Matthew Anneken to learn about Cengage’s innovative digital platform, MindTap. During this session, we will discuss:


·        How MindTap can help boost your students‘ career readiness with key features, such as S/P2 Training modules, Theory Simulations, ASE Education Foundation Job Sheets and more!


·        Learn how instructors have implemented this robust digital platform into their course(s) and how to leverage the award-winning customer service resources that Cengage provides


·        How using MindTap inside of Cengage Unlimited, our first-of-its-kind subscription model, can help save your students money


Toyota Motor Company by Richard Van Slyke- Dan Katich-

Classroom Session  8:00-9:30


  • Overview of the following major Toyota Hybrid Vehicle components’ location and operation:

-High Voltage Battery

-Inverter/Converter Assembly

-Motor/Generator Transaxle Assembly

-Safety Precautions


  • Overview of the following Prius Prime (plug-in) components’ location and operation:

-High Voltage Battery

-On-Board EV Charger

-Charging Cable

9:30-9:50 Break

Lab Exercises   9:50-12:00


  • Vehicle Walk around Worksheet to identify major Hybrid Components
  • Hybrid Inverter/Converter Worksheet to observe High Voltage Data List items
  • Inspection Mode Worksheet to command the gas engine to run continuously
  • Active Test Worksheet to command Low Voltage Inverter water pump and High Voltage Battery fans to operate

2017—Prius Prime (Plug-in)

  • On-Board Charging Worksheet to observe the operation of charging the High Voltage Battery with a 110V wall outlet.


Electude by Darcy Wedel-

Adaptive Intelligence - 2030


What skills must today’s students acquire, to prepare themselves for working on cars in the year 2030?


In this session we will discuss:


- Future of electrification

- The connected car

- Autonomy

- Adaptive Intelligence

- Strategies for teaching diagnostics

- Activities to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow


CDX Automotive by Kirk Van Gelder-This session is for CDX users and non-users alike. CDX is the most comprehensive automotive training materials available to schools. It includes; e-learning, e-book, paper books, audio books, videos, animations, simulations, automated testing, comprehensive tasksheets, and a huge amount of instructor resources. Come see the recent enhancements, learn how use them effectively in your classroom, and give us your feedback on what we can do to make CDX even better. We look forward to seeing you in this practical training session and a lively discussion!


Honda North America-- A New Approach to Control Circuit Troubleshooting by Brian Moore- The additional of data networks and control units to automotive circuits has increased electrical troubleshooting complexity. To address this issue, Honda has added new sub-steps to the analysis and isolate steps, designed to create clear system checks using an easy to follow plan.

 During our session, we'll walk through the process, explain the justification for each step, and identify areas instructors can modify to better match different system designs.


Electude by Catherine Treanor-

Electude E-Learning Resources- Update

This session will introduce you to Electude E-Learning Resources and go through some new and existing features to help you, including:

- Interactive lessons for Consulab training aids

- CCAR E-Safety

- Motologic repair and diagnostic data

- Haynes AllAccess repair information


Collision Sessions

Diesel Sessions

Consulab- Air Brake Simulator, Take Your Entire Class on a Roadtest by Jeff Curtis- Imagine driving down the road with your class while demonstrating ABS, ATC, and ESC functions on a complete air brake system with all of the students viewing scan data and wheel speeds! Easily model industry accepted inspection procedures, and then have the students use those procedures to complete 39 different failure scenarios as assignments. Liberate yourself from lengthy setup times and exercise development.


Zigler Caterpiller-Autonomous Off Site Diagnostics (Field Trip)

Zigler Caterpiller- Autonomous Skid Loader

Consulab-Teaching Beginning Electrical with an X-Y Voltmeter by Jeff Curtis- This session will explore the reasoning behind the teaching and learning of mobile DC electrical using an X-Y Voltmeter (oscilloscope) instead of beginning with a digital multimeter. This instructor will demonstrate several strategies for students to grasp foundational concepts of current flow and voltage drops in circuits utilizing Kirchhoff’s circuit laws and ‘other’ senses besides visual. This will be a hands-on session with a single channel oscilloscope for up to 30 participants. Never used an oscilloscope? Good! Come and join us as we have fun learning electrical.


Allstate Peterbuilt